Yours Truly

Hey there.

I'm Liz, as you probably have already noted from that small side profile box.

As it states, I'm a Ball State student who is majoring in creative writing and minoring in meteorology. There's some potential for me to also gain an astronomy minor. That'd be rad.

I love all things space, weather, and creativity based. I pass my time reading, writing, doing homework, messing around on the piano, daydreaming about adventures out in the woods, and surfing around on the web for space news.

I am to be published for a work of art in Ball State's English Department magazine, The Broken Plate, in the spring 2014 edition.

To contact me outside this blog, here are some avenues that you can pursue:



And for other cool things to look at that involve me a little, look at these pages:

Cathy Day's Literary Citizenship blog

Ball State's English Department blog

Beautiful, is it not?

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